Sunday, November 18, 2012

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More Christmas Movies and a Confession

Ok - I'm 'fessing up.  I couldn't wait for Thanksgiving Day to start my movie watching.

So far I've watched...

 "Christmas in Connecticut" 
  "Christmas Town" 

Since I couldn't wait - and now that I have some open space on my Thanksgiving Day movie list - I'm adding 2 more movies.  The * means you can find it on Netflix Streaming. 

* "Holiday in Handcuffs" -     and "Christmas Child"

Hope you're enjoying your time getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Thanks for stopping by.  Reia


Frugal in WV said...

I love christmas movies :) My oldest likes to watch movies with me on the couch!

reiadm said...

Good for both of you! Sounds like some quality time well spent to me!

What are YOUR favorites? I'm always interested in what others like. Thanks! Reia

Miranda M. said...

thanks for the recommendations!! you've got a good list going here :) by the way, have you seen the 12 Dates of Christmas yet? it was abc family and quite funny/Christmasy

Miranda M | Pretty Squared

Terri S. Vanech said...

What about some old-time favorites? My is Scrooge with Alstair Sim, and we love White Christmas... Good flicks to wrap presents by...

reiadm said...

Miranda M from - no I haven't & now I will. Thanks for the recommendation!

Terri from - you're exactly right! I've never seen the Scrooge with Alstair Sim so thanks for telling me about it. White Christmas is an absolute must, isn't it? I have to send my girls (& their families) their Christmas boxes so I appreciate the great suggestion about wrapping their gifts while watching these movies!

Thank you for your comments and especially for the great movie recommendations! Reia

reiadm said...

Miranda M from - I'm watching the 12 Dates of Christmas and love it! Thanks for the recommendation! Reia