Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My Daughter's World ~ Bring on the Young Living Essential Oils!

My daughter, Ginger, from www.boredagainlife.com posted the following
today.  (As you read I believe you'll realize - her life is far from "boring"!)
I might start keeping a journal of all the ways we use oils on a daily basis.  Today was both frightening and funny.
We do the daily regimens for our immunity and sleep. 

I do my beauty routine per usual.

Then you have the extra respiratory support for this "mama to be" since my organs are now located in new places.  This basically creates a whole mess of new oil uses to be honest.
But here we go, the good stuff.

Reasons you need oils:

1. Your dog hates thunderstorms and you like to sleep.

2. Your 2 year old delivers you dog poop.  "Vannah stinky poop."

Thieves!  I need the Thieves!!

3. Your 7 year old caught a football with his face.

(What would we do without multipurpose Lavender?)

I mean, really?
Glad I have them, but I could do without the "human" Pooper Scooper.

Thanks for visiting ~ Reia