Sunday, May 4, 2014

Coupons, Coupons Everywhere! ~ Kelloggs Family Rewards

My daughter (Ginger of started a new group on FaceBook - "Super Savers Squad".  It's been fun to share sales, coupons, refunds and savings with others from around the country.

It really helps to hear what items worked for refunds, what coupons are available, the best store(s) to take those coupons to each week.  We've been able to get some items we need for a good price and to try some items we never would have purchased without coupons.

I had fun today with my cereal purchases.  Kellogg's Family Rewards has some really good deals going.  I was interested in the "Get $5 for a Healthier You" reward.  You Buy 3 boxes of Kelloggs cereals with the "Get $5 for a Healthier You" logo on them.

Inside of the box is a code - you enter the code online.  I needed ONE more box to get my $5.  I bought the 3rd box today.  I entered the code from the 3rd box and immediately the check began the process of being sent to me.  (see above)  I love it!

I can complete the refund 2 more times by 12/31/14.  You can bet that I'm going to take advantage of this great deal!  Thank you, Kelloggs!  (Now I'm off to find some more coupons.)

Thanks for visiting ~ Reia