Monday, November 13, 2017

Rabbit Holes ~ and Faith

I've been in a lot of what I call "Rabbit Holes" during my life.  The place where you're not exactly sure where you are, why you're there and how long it will take to get out...but you know...if you hold on long enough and hang on to your Faith - you will get out!

During some of those times, my husband and I would repeat the words from one of our favorite movies, Memphis Belle.  Now what?!?

So - while I think about the various "Rabbit Holes" we've found ourselves in over the decades, I always come back to - 

I'm thankful for my family, I'm thankful for the way I earn my living,
I'm thankful for the friends that know just when I need a smile and a kind word.

I'm blessed beyond measure with the love of a Heavenly Father that reminds me of the good that is in my life while I climb out of the "Rabbit Holes" of life.

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Young Living is ~ Sharing and Education

I love learning and I love sharing what I learn!  Here are some truths as I've experienced them.

Young Living is:
  • A Membership - think Sams or Costco.  You purchase your membership allowing you to shop at discounted prices.  *The difference is - Young Living gives you oils for your money and not just your membership.  (At Sam's I have to pay for the "membership" and then I go pay for my items.)
  • NOT Sales - with my membership I buy for MY family.  I can help you become a member so you can buy for YOUR family.
  • Education - I post what I'm using, what I've discovered, Workshop links, etc. to help educate others in the use of essential oils.  You don't have to be leery of my "ulterior motive" - I don't have one unless it's to see us all healthy and thriving.  If you don't want to join me on this trip, it's a-okay.  I'll still love you - promise!
Now that we've discussed the "elephant in the room"...

You may have a zillion questions (I know I did).  Feel free to ask away.  I'm a good, safe and honest place to discover ways to kick chemicals out of your house and your body.
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Reia (YL#2389165)

My bottles are "well loved".

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My Daughter's World ~ Bring on the Young Living Essential Oils!

My daughter, Ginger, from posted the following
today.  (As you read I believe you'll realize - her life is far from "boring"!)
I might start keeping a journal of all the ways we use oils on a daily basis.  Today was both frightening and funny.
We do the daily regimens for our immunity and sleep. 

I do my beauty routine per usual.

Then you have the extra respiratory support for this "mama to be" since my organs are now located in new places.  This basically creates a whole mess of new oil uses to be honest.
But here we go, the good stuff.

Reasons you need oils:

1. Your dog hates thunderstorms and you like to sleep.

2. Your 2 year old delivers you dog poop.  "Vannah stinky poop."

Thieves!  I need the Thieves!!

3. Your 7 year old caught a football with his face.

(What would we do without multipurpose Lavender?)

I mean, really?
Glad I have them, but I could do without the "human" Pooper Scooper.

Thanks for visiting ~ Reia

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Still Small Voice

I live 600 miles from my youngest daughter.  I'm thankful for FaceBook, for cell phones and for email.  It makes the distance seem much shorter.

When a grandchild is hurting - that changes everything.  At that point, my daughter & son-in-law are hurting and Gramma is hurting.

My namesake had her elbow come out of joint yesterday.  While Dad raced off to Urgent Care, we all stood on pins & needles.  One of our own was in pain.  Therefore, we hurt also.  I think it's called family.  One tug and we're all tugged.

The outcome was good.  Her elbow was put back in place and we all appreciated each other even more.

I'm thankful for a loving God that watches over us and helps us put our broken pieces back in place.

I'm thankful for hugs - even across 600 miles.  I'm thankful for a good son-in-law and I'm thankful for a daughter that loves her children like I love her.

Thanks for visiting!  Reia

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ash Wednesday ~ With These Ashes

As we approach Ash Wednesday and I'm preparing the music for our 7pm Mass - this song is staying in my head.  So...I'm sharing it with you.

Thanks for visiting ~ Reia

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Minimalism ~ When Less is More!

I think I've always been a Minimalist.  As an adult, I get to be a Minimalist.  "Things" don't matter to me although I do have "things" that matter to me.  I know - a real paradox!

I found Minimalism: a Documentary About the Important Things on Netflix.  Watching it reinforced a lot of my beliefs.  Beliefs I live by daily.

1)  People matter - things don't.  I find myself looking at "things" and praying about who could benefit from this "thing" the most.

2)  From Be More With Less (don't you love that name?) - 25 Reasons You Might Be a Minimalist - yes, that's me.

3)  "Where's There's a Will There's a Way" - you actually can raise a family in a small house.  I love the phrase "McMansion" & yet I cry inside.  I see too many young families thinking the only option is a big house - period.  I know for a fact there's been many a family raised in a small house.  It really can be done.  Don't saddle yourself with mortgages that hurt not help your family - please!

4)  You really CAN live without some of the things that are "musts" in your life right now.  Simplicity carries with it freedom from worry.  As one that's cut the cable/satellite cord more than once in my lifetime.  Less truly IS more!

Thanks for visiting!  Reia

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I Love Clearance Items!

In my area - they're marked all different ways and I've learned to look for each store's particular sign.  (I'm with Kroger - "Woohoo! Great deal!")

Last night i found a very special find.  A clearance item that has 0 carbs and bacon in it.
What's not to love, right?

On top of the great tastes really good!  ~  Thanks for visiting!  Reia