Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Coupons ~ It's the end...of the year

Coupon users know - the end of the year is serious. So many coupons expire on 12-31.

Throw in a Kroger "Mega Event" that started today and the fun really begins!

I spent a delightful day in Kroger and Walmart today. I used my coupons. I also used my rebate apps (links are below) to help pay for my purchases.

I didn't get a lot but what I got we can use and the savings help me put food on our table.

One of my finds...

Walmart had these marked down to $.97.  I needed to buy 2 packs to get my $1 refund from Checkout51.  It had a limit of 3 rebates.  I bought 6 packs (normally $2.97), submitted my rebate and received $3 back.

The final Out of Pocket price (OOP) for 6 packages is $2.82 plus tax.

Thanks for visiting ~ more deals to come!  Reia

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Reflections as we near Christmas Eve

As we near Christmas Eve and I prepare my music notebook for multiple services (4 Masses, Children's Choir performance & 1 adult Choir Concert between the hours of 5pm Christmas Eve & 11am Christmas Day)...I'm reflecting on some things.

1st - A lot of prayer and preparation has gone into the upcoming services. We've rehearsed, we've tweaked and we've discussed the best way to minister to the people. I will rest in the fact that we're prepared.

2nd - We're making memories and reviving memories for others as well as for ourselves. People often tell me they always went to Midnight Mass as a child with their families, their grandparents, etc. We're ready to continue the tradition to worship Christmas Eve - at Midnight.

3rd - We're a better team because we'll have another Christmas "under our belt" by 11am Christmas Day.

Most importantly of all - I'm peaceful in the knowledge that my Heavenly Father can take my meager efforts and touch the hearts of others. I don't know what others need but God does. He loves us as no one else can. John 3:16 says it best - "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son..."

Thanks for visiting & Merry Christmas! Reia