Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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Christmas Gifts After Christmas ~ That's ME!

In 2011 - after reading "You Can Do it! The Merit Badge Handbook for Grownup Girls" - my
  daughter (Ginger from encouraged her readers to earn their "Quit It" Merit Badge.

I jumped on board and earned mine.  (I wrote about it here.)  I chose 5 things to "Quit".  The 3rd item I "Quit" is below:

"3 - I'm going to "Quit" feeling bad that my family never gets their cards and gifts before their birthdays and holidays. I don't like my children disappointed and the "Nurturer" within me knows...after the envelopes and the wrapping paper have gone into the trash, my family has something to look forward to - one more gift or card - from me."

I'm writing this because I finally got packages out to my granddaughters and my nieces and nephews last week.  I made the boxes festive and filled them with little things from my heart plus some Christmas Crackers that I've fallen in love with.

My daughter sent me the following picture to show how much they enjoyed their packages.

My granddaughters hugging the Rapunzel ornament and Minnie Mouse ornament I sent.

I'm thankful that I "Quit" feeling bad about sending gifts late.  It was so much fun to know my family had something to open and enjoy when life had returned to normal.

Is there anything that YOU want to "Quit"?

Thanks for visiting!  Reia


Much Ado About Somethin said...

Your grandchildren are so sweet! I always love getting cards/presents after a "big day" - it extends the holiday! We were excited to come back from Christmas in NC to a stack of Christmas cards that had arrived while we were gone.

reiadm said...

Lauren from - thanks and that's good to hear. Between the church services and just normal Christmas stuff, I just don't get everything out and I know part of it is leaving them a little something to enjoy when it's all over.

From your great pictures and posts, you certainly know how to enjoy a holiday. I loved every picture and word! Reia

Marie Bulatao said...

Reia, you have beautiful grandchildren! I love getting stuff after the big day, too. The last one I get always sticks into my mind lol!By the way, I love your posts and of course, your welcome note which states that back in the 90s you were the mom, now you are Reia. I would like to be "Marie" too after ten years or so...Now, I am happy being the mom :)

reiadm said...

Thanks, Marie from for your kind words. I did my best with my two daughters. I tried to make every day count. Now I can enjoy watching them as moms. I've got to admit - I get tickled when I hear, "Oh, mom, you were right. I don't know how you did it."

So - keep enjoying the time you have with your children. They'll be behind you soon and you'll get to be "Marie". Reia

Marie Bulatao said...

Oh, I used to say that to my mom ("Oh, mom, you were right. I don't know how you did it.") a lot when I had my kids :). Mothers do know best, although I, as a mother, don't realize if I am doing the right thing (Lol, do I make sense?).

reiadm said...

Marie, I can promise you that you won't always know. Just make the best decisions that you can when it's time to make them.

I've apologized to my daughters a LOT over the course of time. I always tried to be honest with them too. We had some roller coaster rides but we rode them together.

I know you're doing a tremendous job. You can feel your love coming through in your blog. Keep up the great work! Reia

Dysfunction Junction said...

Little cuties! I would like to quit worrying about worrying too much. I'm always worried that my worrying so much is going to land me in the hospital and I just end up worrying more. ahh! Vicious cycle. :)

reiadm said...

To Dysfunction Junction from - that's a good one and definitely a vicious cycle. I didn't think of "worry" when I took on Ginger's challenge to "Quit" some things. Bravo to you for thinking of it! Reia

PS - I love your blog! I just want to hug your "Best Baby Bear"!

Anonymous said...

I still have Christmas presents in my closet from last year that never made it to their owners! Oops! So, the next time I see them it will be a great Christmas, whenever that will be. I love Christmas Crackers too. I didn't buy any this year though.

reiadm said...

Theresa from - that's come in handy for me more than once. :-) When I had family visiting, I just pulled their unmailed (for a year or so) presents out and wa-la! Main thing to remember - never buy anything that can't last a year or two. (Bigger smile)

Adriana Iris La Dulce Vida said...

Better late than never.

Adriana Iris La Dulce Vida said...

OK my keyboard is sensitive... Anyway after the holiday madness is better I was going to say because by then they aren't overwhelmed. My mother sends hers for Three Kings Day which is January 6th. They seem to be more grateful by

reiadm said...

Adriana from - I love the idea of Three Kings Day! Thanks for your comments and the great idea! I'm grabbing it and running with it.