Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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Literally Inspired - merit badge [ quit it ]

Okay, Ms. Ginger - I'm on board with the newest Merit Badge challenge you've given. In my many years, I've started and "quit" many things. Usually the things I started were bad for me and the things I "quit" were good for me. I'll try to get it going in the correct direction with this.

I agree with you - trying to do too much too soon is a recipe for failure. I'm going to list five (5) things to "quit". Most of mine are internal.

1 - I'm going to "Quit" punishing myself for the orderly stacks that are such a part of my life. I'm a "stacker". I have a stack for articles I've saved, bills that need to be paid this week, bills that need to be paid next week, coupons I'm collecting for my daughters and friends - you get the idea.

It's not horrible so I'm going to lighten up on myself and embrace my "stacks".

2 - I'm going to "Quit" feeling bad that every now & then I just need some chocolate. Maybe not a whole Easter Bunny in one sitting but at least an ear here & there.

I'm going to embrace the happy feeling I get when the Valentine hearts and the Easter bunnies arrive and buy one - just because it makes me happy.

3 - I'm going to "Quit" feeling bad that my family never gets their cards and gifts before their birthdays and holidays. I don't like my children disappointed and the "Nurturer" within me knows...after the envelopes and the wrapping paper have gone into the trash, my family has something to look forward to - one more gift or card - from me.

I'm going to embrace my "lateness" because it's done on purpose - with love!

4 - I'm going to "Quit" feeling bad that I don't have the lush landscaping and garden that I thought I would have when we moved back to the Deep South nearly 7 years ago. The truth is we live in "onion" country and things that I wanted to grow - just don't grow here.

So I'm going to embrace the bulbs that do seem to grow here (I onions) and spend another year creating "good soil" for the things I may plant in the future. (After nearly 7 years of creating "good soil" - it's looking pretty great!)

5 - I'm going to "Quit" feeling bad that I live 8-10 hours away from my daughters, their husbands and my grandchildren. They are amazing adults and make me VERY proud. They know I'm here. They barely post a photo or thought on FaceBook that I haven't commented on or "liked" within seconds of posting.

I'm going to embrace the fact that this was a good move for us. We don't have to deal with snow, stairs or traffic. This is my home - my happy place - and I like it here.

Thanks Ms. Ginger of "Literally Inspired" for once again allowing me to work through some of the emotional "stacks" in my life. I now have two badges under my belt and my insides feel happier.

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