Monday, June 20, 2011

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Literally Inspired - merit badge [ roam where you want to]

This week's Merit Badge Challenge from Literally Inspired is "Roam Where You Want To".

There are three (3) places I want to visit.

1 - Virginia where my daughters, son-in-laws and grandchildren live.
2 - Disney World with my grandchildren, daughters and son-in-laws.
3 - Niagra Falls

The badge steps are:
1. find your dream destination
2. are you going alone or with someone
3. get in the know of where you want to go
4. make time
5. start a travel fund
6. learn the lingo
7. get your ticket

#1 - "Find Your Dream Destination" - I'm going to work on Disney World for this badge.

#2 - Am I going alone or with someone - Definitely WITH someone.

#3 - Get in the know - I grew up in Central Florida. My family was one of the first visitors to Disney World. (see pic below) I'm front row on the right & my two younger sisters are to my left. We learned every nook & cranny of Disney World. We visited often. I loved it - I still love it. I believe my grandchildren will love it.

What I have to do now is get up to date on the changes they've made. Their website is a great place to start - Walt Disney World.

#4 - "Make Time" - I believe this part is on my side. My grandchildren are 3, almost 2 & 5 months - I have time to plan.

Got to admit though - Granddaughter #1 looks like she's about ready to visit.

#5 - "Start a Travel Fund" - once again time is on my side. I can save for the experience.

#6 - "Learn the Lingo" - I believe the additions they've made (i.e., Disney's Blizzard Beach, Animal Kingdom and Typhoon Lagoon) are good. I just need to figure them out. I can do that. Their website Theme Parks & Water Parks looks helpful.

#7 - "Get Your Ticket". Realizing it will be a little while until I actually "get" our tickets...I've subscribed to a newsletter "MouseSavers Newsletter" that keeps me up to date on good deals. They're even on FaceBook.

Ok, Walt Disney World. I'm about to introduce another generation to all you have to offer. I hope you're ready for us!

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