Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Songs of My Life ~ There Goes My Life

I love how music plays such an important part in so many of our lives.  I've been reading some journals I wrote a few years back.  I used music to explain what I was going through at different stages in my life.

I thought I'd share a song now and then plus how it affected my life and why it resonated so.  I'd love to hear about the "Songs in Your Life".

Today's post is about the song - "There Goes My Life" by Kenny Chesney.  The YouTube link is here.  My journal entry - "Watching them grow up and head out on their own.  I kept reminding myself that we'd raised them to do just that - grow wings and fly away.  It still hurt and yet it was right."

Why do I love this song?  All my life I wanted to be a mother.  After losing one baby, I was blessed to have two little girls.  This song touches my heart because - well - they grow up.  I knew it was going to happen and I worked really hard to make sure they were equipped to take the world on.

Everything from getting through tough times with a hopeful heart and the determination to survive.  Practical skills, money-earning skills, you name it.  We couponed and refunded before "Extreme Couponing" was a term.  I loved my life as Traci & Ginger's mother.
I still see them like this.
As they each left my nest, I learned to love this song.  Your every moment is filled with homework, lunches, washing clothes, making meals, paying for things they need, getting them to Girls Scouts, Soccer practice/games, the "Mall", skating, Band events and then before you know it - "there goes my life".  In their own car to their own home and for me to their own family.  They're successful mothers/wives/wage-earners and I'm proud of them!  However - there are times when I wish I could wrap my arms around their little bodies and know that I was keeping them safe and covering them with my love.

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