Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Still Small Voice

I live 600 miles from my youngest daughter.  I'm thankful for FaceBook, for cell phones and for email.  It makes the distance seem much shorter.

When a grandchild is hurting - that changes everything.  At that point, my daughter & son-in-law are hurting and Gramma is hurting.

My namesake had her elbow come out of joint yesterday.  While Dad raced off to Urgent Care, we all stood on pins & needles.  One of our own was in pain.  Therefore, we hurt also.  I think it's called family.  One tug and we're all tugged.

The outcome was good.  Her elbow was put back in place and we all appreciated each other even more.

I'm thankful for a loving God that watches over us and helps us put our broken pieces back in place.

I'm thankful for hugs - even across 600 miles.  I'm thankful for a good son-in-law and I'm thankful for a daughter that loves her children like I love her.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ash Wednesday ~ With These Ashes

As we approach Ash Wednesday and I'm preparing the music for our 7pm Mass - this song is staying in my head.  So...I'm sharing it with you.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Minimalism ~ When Less is More!

I think I've always been a Minimalist.  As an adult, I get to be a Minimalist.  "Things" don't matter to me although I do have "things" that matter to me.  I know - a real paradox!

I found Minimalism: a Documentary About the Important Things on Netflix.  Watching it reinforced a lot of my beliefs.  Beliefs I live by daily.

1)  People matter - things don't.  I find myself looking at "things" and praying about who could benefit from this "thing" the most.

2)  From Be More With Less (don't you love that name?) - 25 Reasons You Might Be a Minimalist - yes, that's me.

3)  "Where's There's a Will There's a Way" - you actually can raise a family in a small house.  I love the phrase "McMansion" & yet I cry inside.  I see too many young families thinking the only option is a big house - period.  I know for a fact there's been many a family raised in a small house.  It really can be done.  Don't saddle yourself with mortgages that hurt not help your family - please!

4)  You really CAN live without some of the things that are "musts" in your life right now.  Simplicity carries with it freedom from worry.  As one that's cut the cable/satellite cord more than once in my lifetime.  Less truly IS more!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I Love Clearance Items!

In my area - they're marked all different ways and I've learned to look for each store's particular sign.  (I'm with Kroger - "Woohoo! Great deal!")

Last night i found a very special find.  A clearance item that has 0 carbs and bacon in it.
What's not to love, right?

On top of the great price...it tastes really good!  ~  Thanks for visiting!  Reia

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Coupons ~ Almay

Don't you hate it when a coupon is expiring - today - and you're not sure if it's worth making the trip to the store to use it?  This happened to me last Sunday with the $4 Almay coupons.  They were burning a hole in my coupon holder - I had to use them!

FYI - I only buy and stock up on things I can use, donate or gift so my haul wasn't huge but it's perfect for my needs.

Here's the deal...

CVS Extrabuck promotion:  Spend $12 on Almay products - receive $4 in Extrabucks.  Limit of 6 times

I bought - (4) Almay products (2 Liquid Balms and 2 Eye Makeup removers) at $6.79 each.
I used - (4) $4 Almay coupons

$27.16 - $16 coupons = $11.16 oop (out of pocket) plus I received $8 in Extrabucks for later. 

I'm really glad I used my coupons!

Thanks for visiting ~ Reia

Friday, February 3, 2017

Coupons ~ No Expiration Date

Tonight's shopping trip to Food Lion was one I've waited around 10 years to make.  I've been using coupons for over 30 years.  Yes, over 30 years.  I've learned to hang on to coupons that don't expire - you just never know.  I posted about one coupon "pay dirt" experience here.

Tonight's story... I've been hanging on to $1.00 off of Margaritaville Foods (Shrimp) coupons for over 10 years.  The expiration date was "No Expiration Date".

I don't have a lot of "pay dirt" moments like this.  But tonight was one of them.  Food Lion had the Margaritaville Foods (normally $7.99) "Buy One Get One Free" so they were each $3.99.  My $1.00 coupon brought it down to $2.99 each.

In writing this post - I discovered more Margaritaville Foods coupons.  Woo hoo!  (Food Lion's sale lasts through Tuesday.  Guess where I'm headed before Wednesday!  Get your coupons and join me.)

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

There's Always a ~ Song Inside

Today was a really good day.  It was a busy day though and sometimes that means my reflection is done when the day finally ends.

One thing that never changes...there's always a song going on inside of me.  It can change throughout the day but - there's always a song.

I don't think it's because my income is earned from music.  In fact that could make it dull and boring because I'm working on, thinking about and teaching music all day long.

I think it's because music is so very important.  It's a way that I pray throughout the day and also a way I know what's going on inside of me.

Sometimes I'm praising, sometimes I'm praying and sometimes...well I don't know why I'm singing what I'm singing...but I'm singing.

A dear friend sent me a cartoon that probably explains it best.  He always has a song going inside of him also.


I bet you understand what it's like to have a song going on inside of you also.

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