Saturday, January 5, 2013

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Coupons ~ They Pay Off

I've been a Coupon Diva for over 20 years.  I also have a bit of the hoarder in me.  My mantra has always been - "just in case".  Well - it paid off.

I held on to these "No Expiration Date" coupons for Cousin Willie's Popcorn since 1997.  Yes, that's 16 years.  They were on/in the boxes of Cousin Willie's Popcorn - they didn't have an expiration date but Cousin Willie's Popcorn was no where to be found.  So - I held on to them in my coupon box for 16 years.  You know - "just in case".

While shopping one day, I did a double take when I saw "Cousin Willie's Popcorn" in my local Kroger.  So - I tested one box/coupon and "Yes" the coupon worked - it even doubled.  I used my coupons little by little until I'd used them all.

We are really enjoying our Cousin Willie's Popcorn!

Lesson learned - hang on to those coupons - "just in case"!

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Much Ado About Somethin said...

That's awesome! I bet the cashier was surprised to see a coupon from the 90's!! I've always wanted to get into couponing.

reiadm said...

Lauren from - I laid low with the fact they were nearly 20 years old. You should have seen me filtering a few coupons/boxes at a time. It was really comical in many ways.

As for couponing - I've noticed lately that I get better buys watching sales and getting store brands. I often order coupons from eBay for the items I really need. It's a lot of work and many of them just end up in the trash can. But then that's my take on it after a lot of years of figuring them out.

There are some good blogs out giving us heads up on sales, etc. The internet has made a huge - free - difference for all of us and I love it!

Thanks for your comment! I just saw your post on the Spicy Eye Round - it looks wonderful! I'm off to leave a comment on your post. Reia

Theresa Benoit said...

I should really get into couponing. I would clip coupons and forget I had them. Maybe I will start! Thanks for the inspiration!

reiadm said...

Theresa from - thanks for your comment. The internet really helps with, digital coupons on our shopper cards, etc.

I buy the coupons I really want to stock up on (usually eBay) and use the places mentioned above. I've heard of several apps for the phone that help also but I haven't tried them yet.

I do less and less of newspaper buying and cutting a bunch of coupons I won't use. I guess you could say that I'm a "Strategic Coupon" user now. Reia

PS - loved your recent post on your Protein Pancakes!

Alison P. said...

HA!! I love it. I still have a few no expiration coupons in my folders for baking chocolate and colored reynolds wrap (they don't make it anymore but maybe again some day). I am going to have to look to see if there is a date on them now :)

reiadm said...

Alison P. from - thanks for your comment. I'm glad to find you and your blog. I raised my girls in the NOVA area. Ginger ( is still in the area. Traci moved to Lynchburg, VA a few years ago. We headed back to the Deep South.

Any way - I didn't think I'd see "Cousin Willie's Popcorn" again either. You just never know. :-)