Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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Some Southern Sayings...

I try my best to live by the "Golden Rule" and the other one, you know, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."  

However... there are times when some of the Southern sayings I've heard all of my life just pop into my head and nearly out of my mouth.  I thought I'd put a few out there and see if you can add any yourself.  (Feel free to ask what they mean in - "Southern".  Granted, I've said them all of my life and I may not know what they mean either.)

  • This happened just the other day - I was driving home and saw someone walking along the sidewalk and I immediately thought - He just isn't "right".  (Said in my slow, Southern drawl while shaking my head in wonder.)
  • When my children had tantrums, they "pitched a fit" and sometimes it was a "hissy fit".
  • It took several years to help my Midwestern husband (of nearly 20 years) understand that citrus grows in "groves" and peaches grow in "orchards".  He kept discussing the "orange orchard" I'd grown up with as my front yard.  He finally understands - my front yard was an "Orange Grove".
  • After dealing with a troublesome person, "They could make a preacher cuss!"
  • One of my favorites things to say when I'm talking about someone fun to be around is, "They are a Hoot and a half."  I have no idea what a "Hoot" is, I just know it's fun.

Okay - now it's your turn - what sayings do you say or hear frequently?  (They don't have to be Southern either.)  Thanks for visiting!  Reia

PS - my daughter Ginger from wrote about one of my favorite books plus her life/heritage as a GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) here.  (Pictures of grandparents, etc. are included.)


Anonymous said...

I didn't know your daughter had a blog-I'm following her too now! I always say "y'all" and "bless her heart"! Ha! I'm sure there are some other ones that I can't think of off the top of my head. I'm so accustomed to talking ridiculous, it seems normal!! Ha! Have a great day, Reia!

Much Ado About Somethin said...

"Bless his/her heart" covers a multitude of sins. :)

reiadm said...

Theresa from - I really enjoy Ginger's blog. She keeps it real and makes me chuckle. Sometimes she makes me think deeply. Glad you're following her.

From what her FB Literally Inspired post just said, she's in Book 3 of "Maze Runner" so she's been reading at night and quiet on the blog.

I know - "y'all" is just the go to word in the South and "bless her heart" is usually sincere and heart felt from me. Though sometimes it comes with a head shake and an "oh, my".

I've been meaning to tell you that I love the "duck" buttons on your blog. I don't know where you found them but they're perfect for your blog!

reiadm said... - You are SO right. I try to be sincere with my "Bless his/her hearts". For most of them I truly am sincere. For others it's much kinder than, "I can't believe anyone could be that dumb."

Loved your latest post. Some of the musicians were new to me so thanks for new people to research. Reia

Terri S. Vanech said...

You have me thinking now. I'm full of expressions that give people double-takes, including the "hoot" one you mention. I love looking into their origins!

reiadm said...

Terri from - I know and same here.

My first husband had family in New Hampshire. When visiting once, his uncle asked me to get the Table Fox. My mind was reeling - table fox? They have a "fox" they put on the table? Then I realized he meant FORKS - table forks. I just love stuff like this.

BTW - I really enjoy your blog! Reia

Annmarie Pipa said...

I would never allow my kids to have those hissy fits..too funny! when my kids go to college they say these kind of colloquiums and their friends are like What?!

reiadm said...

Annmarie Pipa from - I know, I know. It's just a normal way of speaking and then I realize people may not have a clue what I just said.

I also read somewhere that Southern women always have a story. I realized that was SO true. Why give a statement when you can offer a story? I think they're all fun. :-)

Diana Chastain said...

New follower via GFC. Your blog is adorable! :D

I host the Thumping Thursdays Blog Hop, if you are interested in dropping by then. :D

Thank you!
Diana from Nanny to Mommy

reiadm said...

Hey, Diana from - I'm following you on FB and absolutely love the great deals you post. You're doing a great job! Reia