Sunday, June 16, 2013

Helpful Grocery Planning Sites

Since we work with a very small amount of money for groceries ~ every dollar counts.  A few minutes ago, I started working on this week's list and thought you might find my "go-to" planning sites helpful also.

Our local stores are Kroger, Wal-mart, Food Lion, CVS and the discount chains (Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Fred's, Big Lots and Save-a-Lot).  It's amazing what you can find and the deals you can pull together at these stores.

The following sites help me strategically plan and make the most of the dollars we have.

Food on the Table - see what's on sale at YOUR stores.

  Southern Savers - this site has always been helpful to me.  Loads of information to help you find the best deals.

All You Magazine ~ Weekly Circulars and Ads - same idea - see what's on sale at YOUR stores.  This site can show all the stores at once (see image below) or you can sort by category and stores.

Thanks for visiting!  I've got to get back to my grocery planning now.  ;-)
Please visit again.  Reia