Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Holiday Movie List - Movies Added to My List!

I have some more Holiday movies to add to my list.  Some are touching, some are cute and all are worth taking a break to enjoy.

As always the * means you can find it on Netflix Streaming.

*  Christmas Angel - what a good movie!

*  12 Dates of Christmas - thank you Pretty (Squared)http://prettysquared.blogspot.comfor telling me about this movie!  (Sorry about the picture - I can't find a picture anywhere so it has the "Play" button for Netflix.)

*  All I Want for Christmas (I love the ending.)

*  Christmas Puppy (I liked this.  I wasn't sure if I would but I did.)

If you have any suggestions, please send them my way.  Thanks for visiting!  Reia


Adriana Iris La Dulce Vida said...

thanks for the suggestions. Also thanks for the list of bloggers will check them out.

Ginger Walls said...

Well you know me, I love movies. Some of my favorite Christmas movies are "The Holiday", "Love Actually", "Bridget Jones Diary" - not really christmas but they do have a Christmas scene or two - , Elf, White Christmas, and pretty much any movie shown on Lifetime or Hallmark the first 25 days of December. Christmas movies are the best. They are so heartwarming.

Katie Vyktoriah said...

Sadly, I've never seen ANY of these! Will have to see about watching them, as I'm a sucker for a good Christmas movie. :)

reiadm said...

Adriana Iris La Dulce Vida from http://www.adrianairis.com/ - thanks for your comment!

BTW - your blog is up next. I have a long list of bloggers I'm posting a little at a time so I don't cross everyone's eyes and overwhelm people.

I think your photography is amazing & I love the fact that you're a couple of miles down the road from me so you're capturing our beautiful area. Reia

reiadm said...

Ginger of www.literallyinspired - I haven't seen "Love Actually" & I hadn't thought of "Bridget Jones Diary" as Christmas but I see what you mean.

Why do you like Elf? A lot of people like it but it hasn't become a favorite to me - yet.

Don't forget ABC Family Channel - they have 25 days of Christmas & show some of my favorites.

Thanks for the suggestions. I promise to watch them. Love you! Mom

reiadm said...

Katie Vyktoriah from http://herpretty.com/ - you should enjoy them and it's always nice to have something new to look forward to. Reia

reiadm said...

Oops, Ginger. I forgot the .com - sorry! www.literallyinspired.com

Also - thanks for encouraging me to blog. You lead me by example & your blog is a good example! xoxoxo