Thursday, November 5, 2015

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Thanksgiving Countdown ~ Playing "Catch Up"!

I love seeing what others are thankful for.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all holidays.  I've rarely done the "countdown" though.  Thought this year would be a good year to actually do it.  I have a few days to be "Thankful" for (um - "catch up").

Here goes...

1 - I'm thankful for my family.  One good husband of over 20 years plus children that are raising good families = something to be thankful for.

2 - Music.  Music fills my heart and is my way to earn a living for my family.  A total "win-win" - I spend my days teaching others and being enriched along the way.  Total blessing in my life!

3 - NPR.  My touch of sanity & whimsy depending on what show is on.

4 - Extended family.  I'm so very thankful for my extended family.  They know the challenge I face every day because...I'm taking care of my siblings's mother (also known as my mother).  I love my aunts, uncles, in-laws and the families that extend even further with cousins, etc.

5 - YouTube - the place where I find songs to share with my choirs & where I get to listen to music, sermons, etc. that fill my soul with good things.

Until tomorrow (day #6) - may you be blessed & "Thankful" for something in your life.

Thanks for visiting ~ Reia

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