Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Thanksgiving ~ Boxes Prepared and Picked Up

Sunday was the day the Youth Group showed us what team work is all about!  They did in 45 minutes what it used to take several hours to complete as they filled all of the boxes with the makings of a Thanksgiving Dinner.  Wow and Good Job!

Some wonderful people spent a couple of weeks wrapping boxes (above - ready to be filled) in preparation of Thanksgiving.  We put together about 120 boxes full of good things to create a Thanksgiving Dinner for families.

Here are the boxes filled - numbered (by the family picking them up) and ready to be handed out this morning.  I dropped by and it was fun to see the boxes going out the door.  What a great feeling!

Hope your Thanksgiving preparations are going well as we get closer to Thanksgiving Day!  (We just have two days to go until my favorite holiday is here!)  Thanks for visiting ~ Reia

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