Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Coupons ~ CVS ~ Happy Dance Back!

As I recover from Kroger stopping their doubling of coupons, an amazing blogger ( made me feel better.  She reminded me of CVS and I vowed to get to know CVS again.  Thank you for your ideas & encouragement!  (BTW - if you aren't following her blog - you really should - it's great!)

So - I headed to the CVS website and wow!  They've really made some changes.  The "Extra Care Offers" are grouped together making it so much easier to put deals together.  They're color-coded and everything!  For a visual person like myself - this is a wonderful improvement and helpful tool!

Thank you, CVS!

I'm excited about saving - again!  I've got my smile back on, I'm putting my coupons together and heading out to CVS tomorrow!  I'll let you know how it goes.

Now, I'm curious - what savings and deals are you working on this week?

Thanks for visiting ~ Reia


Alison P. said...

I was so surprised to see my name at the top of your post today!!! I am so happy that you like my blog and I am excited that you shared my link :) CVS is a place that I used to go to a lot and there are deals to be had. I usually get my olive oil there because it is cheaper when it goes on sale and you add in that coupon even though they don't double. There are good prices on lots of things like cereal and other grocery items so I was glad to help make you feel better :)

reiadm said...

I've followed you for a while on FB. I'm a big believer in spreading the word about good bloggers!

I'm looking forward to my CVS visit later today. My first stop will be the red coupon machine. :-)