Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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Coupons ~ After the Doubling Stops

Yikes!  Kroger changed it's coupon policy and is no longer doubling coupons.

Now what?

I'm trying my best to be positive but I've got to admit - it's not easy.  For years, I've planned my shopping around those 50 cent coupons meaning a $1 savings to me.  No more - 50 cents now means 50 cents.  I know, I know, it's better than nothing and 50 cents is still a good savings.

Here are the positives I've come up with so far...

1)  Kroger mails me coupons tailored to what I actually buy - definitely a bonus.  The top left coupon in the photo below is $3 off of $15 in produce and the top right coupon is for $5 off of a $50 transaction.  I can certainly make good use of those.

2)  The 75 cent coupons that used to be in the back of my coupon box have now moved up to the front.

3)  I definitely need to make better use of Kroger's digital coupons.  I load them on my Kroger card and there's no need to carry my coupon box.  Not bad at all!

4)  Kroger's brand of products certainly look more desirable.  (Hmmm - wonder if that was part of their plan?)

Ok, I'm feeling a little better.  Any ideas to help me get past the "Coupon Doubling" withdrawal that I'm going through right now?  All hints and tips are appreciated!

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Alison P. said...

I would be super sad. I live on doubling but there are still deals to be had without that. I would look into other non-grocery stores to see what they had that might fit the bill and be cheaper with CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar stores and more...there are plenty of stores that have deals so hopefully you will still find lots of them!!!

reiadm said...

Thanks for your encouraging words! The Dollar stores are stepping up here and I do find their $5 off of $25 coupons really helpful.

Your comment about CVS is a good idea. I've relied on Kroger and the doubling for years and haven't been as involved with CVS. I'm going to take your advice and get to know CVS better.

Rite Aid pulled out of our town - I really miss it - I mean REALLY miss it! We do have Freds and they always doubled on Saturdays - guess I'll get to know them better also.

Thanks for your comment - I really enjoy your blog (! We moved from the NOVA area 9 years ago to get me back to my Deep South. We left my daughter (Ginger of behind. BTW - you have the Mecca of shopping. Thanks again! Reia