Sunday, November 3, 2013

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It's All About the Young People

At our church, the last Sunday of every month is "Youth Mass" Sunday.  As the new Music Director, this is my second month to be involved.  I'm thrilled to tell you that October's Youth Mass was a great success!  

The Youth Group took the place of the adults and what a wonderful job they did!  The teens sat in the chairs where the Adult Choir normally sits.  The rest of the church's left side was filled with the children and their families.  It was truly a "Wow" moment in my life!

Plus - it was so much fun having a Youth Choir, Youth Lectors, Youth Ushers, etc.  A special part of the Mass was when the children came down to the front and sang "Seek Ye First" during the offering.

Since I was busy with the children and the youth, I didn't get any videos or recordings - hopefully the links below will give you an idea of what these incredible young people accomplished today.

One song requested by the Youth was "Rain Down" -

My short recording of "Rain Down" - 

My heart is full and very happy and...yes, I'm one thankful Music Director.  I love being part of an active, loving, giving Parish!

From my little corner of the world ~ Thanks for visiting!  Reia

PS - I have two groups to thank.

1)  Sandy and Salvador - what a difference you make with your guitars!  Thank you for bringing life and fun to our music!

2)  The Adult Choir - thank you for being a part of the Congregation during "Youth Mass" and allowing the Youth to participate.  You're the best!

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