Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Waiting to Exhale - Hurricane Sandy

I haven't written since Saturday evening.  When we moved back to Coastal Georgia from Northern Virginia, I knew we would have potential hurricanes.  After all we're right near the Atlantic and hurricanes happen.  What I didn't know was Georgia's geography has the coast kind of tucked in and out of danger for the most part.

So the last 48 plus hours - I've been holding my breath.  Not for Bill & me but for my daughters, sister and friends in Virginia.  As well as families of my former students in the Northeast.

As I watched reports on Facebook, followed Twitter, watched the news and The Weather Channel, I found myself looking for any news of what was happening in the lives of those I hold dear.  I watched for and read the blogs of my new found blogging friends for news as well.  I prayed a lot.

While I don't have news to report here other than it's colder and windy.  I am thankful to be able to exhale and I'm thankful Sandy has passed on out of sight.  I still pray for those recovering from Sandy's visit.

This is me now saying, "Whew!"

Now I can go back to happier thoughts and posts.  Thanks for visiting...Reia

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