Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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"I Actually Accomplished This" - Wall Painting

I've always had a "To-Do" list.  I'm just a "List" person.  My "Lists" have categories ranging from "Absolutely Must Do - Today" to "Sure Would Be Nice To Do Sometime in Life".  

I realized today that I have another category - "I Actually Accomplished This".

One of the things I wanted to do and "Actually Accomplished" many years ago when I was a new mom was...create a playful wall painting for my little girls' room.  (Please don't judge me about the crib - this was early 1980s and that's what we had "way back" then.)

How I did it...1st - I painted the wall "sky blue" for the background.  2nd - I'm not an artist so I drew the best tree I could and then used pages from a coloring book for the Bird and Bunny.  3rd - I traced the animals onto the wall with a pencil.    

Last - the fun really began as I painted each animal (as well as the tree itself) to bring them to "life".

I chose these animals because I loved the bright liveliness of their eyes.

  You can see that my little girls liked what I'd created.
Ginger of www.literallyinspired.com

So - in the midst of all the things I haven't accomplished - it sure was good to re-group and remember something that
"I Actually Accomplished".

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Mama's High Strung said...

Found you on Bloggy Moms... that wall is AWESOME!

momto8blog said...

welcome to blog land!!
Your wall painting is beautiful..I could see why it made your daughters happy!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
keep posting!

Frugal in WV said...

That looks great, I love the wall painting! Saw your post on bloggy moms and following you on GFC now. I look forward to your future posts! Stop by my blog when you get the chance :)


reiadm said...

Thank you for following me. I'm following each of you now also. What great blogs you each have!

Mackenzie M. said...

This turned out so great! I love it it's the perfect little painting for a daughter's room. Can't wait to do something like this in the future :)

Stay pretty xo

Stephanie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! And this is so cute! I would try it if I knew I wouldn't stop halfway through and end up with half a tree or something!