Saturday, October 27, 2012

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FL Gators vs GA Bulldogs

Game's over so I can write now.  Whew!

My parents started taking me to the University of Florida Gator games when I was in Junior High.  They kept season tickets until my Daddy died in 1990.  You'd think we were die-hard Gators and we were until...the FL - GA game each year.  At that point my Atlanta born & raised Southern Belle Mama couldn't deny her Georgia roots.

Of course Mama and Daddy always attended the FL - GA game every year.  Mama even had signs made for the car.  A Georgia Bulldogs sign for her side and a Florida Gators sign for Daddy's side.  That's just the way it was in our family.

My first husband graduated from U of F and I attended for one year after we married.  When the girls came along...yep, we started them off right.

My Traci at a Gator game - sitting with her Papa Frank (my Daddy)

My Ginger (of at a Gator game - sitting with her Papa Frank (my Daddy) & me 

Now we can't leave my Atlanta born & raised Southern Belle Mama out of this.

Just before Ginger was born (one month to be exact) we visited my dearly beloved maternal grandmother in Atlanta.  I guess you can see what my Atlanta born & raised Southern Belle Mama is wearing.

All I can say's in the blood - Southern blood at least.

This fall my nephew (my Gator sister's son) crossed the "great divide" and left their home in the Atlanta area to become a freshman at...Georgia.  

I'm very proud of him!  With us surrounded by Red & Black GA Bulldog everything living in Coastal GA - I'm secretly delighted because I can cheer for the Bulldogs every now & then - you know, for my nephew's sake.

Hope you're having a Super Saturday!  Reia


Annmarie Pipa said...

sounds like a fun history! we here at Penn State I know what you mean!

reiadm said...

You sure do know what I mean! We have some Steelers fans nearby - they love their team! It's fun and yet it's also part of our heritage. We all love our teams!

When I moved back to the Deep South, I told my Mid-Westerner husband..."there's this thing called the SEC and it's very serious in the South."

Thanks for your comment & I love your blog! Reia