Monday, January 27, 2014

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Vintage ~ Guess That's Me...

Here I am...looking to see what's new on eBay.  There's loads to see since there are so many things I'm interested in and "Wham!" there it of the piano method books I took lessons from and it's labeled...Vintage!

Vintage!  Well maybe I am.  I know I love seeing the faces of my students when I tell them I've been playing the piano for 48 years.  Their faces are priceless.  I try to impress on them that what they're learning will last for many years - more than they can comprehend.  Then I show them this book - you know the "vintage" one and the assignment date of August 27, 1968 along with my lovely handwriting "Reia A."  Their jaws always drop - 1968 - they can't comprehend a date SO far back.

It proves a point though - I've been at this for a long time.  One day you'll look at your lesson book and marvel at how many years have passed.  Hopefully they'll still be playing and loving music.  That's my wish for each of my students.  

A side note - apparently I didn't pass the song on August 27, 1968 since there's a Sept. 3 date added.  I also feel for my middle sister (especially since I was the oldest) - looks like she got the "hand me down" book with the Oct. 25, 1971 date.  I'm thinking the Nov. notation means she didn't pass the song right away either.

I'm also thinking the "Count!" note from our teacher was a sign about something important?

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