Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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What you give to grandchildren is never forgotten!

Jennifer loved Rapunzel this year so when it came to what to get for this precious grandchild it seemed like a no brainer and for once Gramma (and Papa) were right.

From what our daughter said - Jennifer loved her "Rapunzel" wig.  Jennifer - Gramma and Papa love you!


Marie Bulatao said...

Reia, she looks adorable!!!Enjoy your holidays!

reiadm said...

Thanks, Marie (from!

My daughter said she was "Rapunzel" for several hours after opening our gift. Hopefully we'll Skype soon so I can let her "model" it for me.

I love your post about the Legos and the pictures are SO good! I'm still chuckling about it and saying a great big "whew" that everything worked out well.

Happy holidays to you also! Reia

Adriana Iris La Dulce Vida said...

awww too cute. glad the holidays have been filled with great things for you. wishing you a happy new year.

reiadm said...

Adriana from - Wishing you a happy new year also. I'm loving your posts - the pictures of your lovely family & life are amazing!

I loved raising my girls but these grandchildren are something else. We're very blessed and thankful. Reia

Dawn said...

Cute :) My youngest loves Rapunzel too. I have the whole movie memorized after how many times she watched it lol!

Glad she enjoyed her gift!

reiadm said...

Dawn from - I'm very thankful for movies that tie us to our children. For me it was Beauty & the Beast, Annie, Newsies, etc. They're forever priceless to me.

I love seeing my daughters making those same priceless memories with their own children. I'm looking forward to my visit this spring - I'm hoping Jennifer will be "Rapunzel" for me while I'm there.

Thanks again & I love your blog! Reia