Friday, December 7, 2012

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Comment Problem Update

Happy Friday everyone!

I was trying out a comment program this week so I could "reply" to comments.  I've heard that others weren't able to comment on the blog at all.  I deleted the program from my template/layout.  Hopefully this solves the "comment" problem.

I'm still learning.  I appreciate your patience and especially that you were kind enough to want to leave a comment.

When I need to relax and regain my peace, I've found that looking at pictures of lakes helps me.  I found this picture through the Creative Commons license content website as described in one of my earlier posts - here.  I wanted to share it with you (the picture most of all but the post too because it solves a lot of picture posting problems).

Please let me know if you still have problems commenting and thank you SO much for the help!  Reia


This Busy Life said...

I can relate. Setting up a blog to look like you want isn't always easy, and sometimes even downright frustrating!

reiadm said...

I've been utterly frustrated. I've always had my own website - it looks (for the most part) the way I want it to. Trying to fit & move things around in the blogger templates are not.

My daughter (Ginger from encouraged me to blog. She wrote me soon after with this sweet message..."Would you like for me to pretty your blog up a little. Not that it's not lovely now." My answer - Please!!!

By the way - my website is

I'm enjoying your blog! Reia