Sunday, December 9, 2012

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DIY Christmas Card by My Daughter

Sunday is a big day in my life - working and otherwise.  I'm out the door in 10 minutes to play for my first church service and then it's on to play for the next service.  After that a change of clothes, quick bite and then I take my mother to Kroger for a few things.  The rest of the afternoon is teaching piano.

So - my daughter, Ginger from just posted a great DIY for Christmas Cards and I think you'll enjoy it.  I have something in mind for tonight or tomorrow morning depending on when my day ends today.

Happy Sunday everyone and "Here's........Ginger!"

Thanks for visiting!  Reia


Cynthia @ Richly Middle Class said...

I love DIY projects. I love personal gifts. I would rather get a homemade card anytime over a store bought one. What a great idea. You are creative.

reiadm said...

Cynthia from - thanks for your comment. I totally agree - homemade gifts add that extra touch to a gift. They're not just from the heart, they're from the hands also.

Thanks for your compliment. My youngest daughter (Ginger from gets the credit for this DIY. I'm going to do my best to follow her directions and come up with one of my own. :-)

By the way - I really like your blog! Thanks for stopping by! Reia