Sunday, April 2, 2017

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Young Living is ~ Sharing and Education

I love learning and I love sharing what I learn!  Here are some truths as I've experienced them.

Young Living is:
  • A Membership - think Sams or Costco.  You purchase your membership allowing you to shop at discounted prices.  *The difference is - Young Living gives you oils for your money and not just your membership.  (At Sam's I have to pay for the "membership" and then I go pay for my items.)
  • NOT Sales - with my membership I buy for MY family.  I can help you become a member so you can buy for YOUR family.
  • Education - I post what I'm using, what I've discovered, Workshop links, etc. to help educate others in the use of essential oils.  You don't have to be leery of my "ulterior motive" - I don't have one unless it's to see us all healthy and thriving.  If you don't want to join me on this trip, it's a-okay.  I'll still love you - promise!
Now that we've discussed the "elephant in the room"...

You may have a zillion questions (I know I did).  Feel free to ask away.  I'm a good, safe and honest place to discover ways to kick chemicals out of your house and your body.
Thanks for visiting!  
Reia (YL#2389165)

My bottles are "well loved".

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