Thursday, May 5, 2016

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Piano Lessons ~ There's a Song for Everyone!

I've taught Piano for over 35 years now.  I've lost count of the precious people (really young to not so young) that have passed my way.  Thanks to Facebook I'm able to follow a lot of them.

My disclaimer is - I teach the way I wish I'd been taught so many may not agree with my methods or my thoughts.  I'm okay with that.  I teach to create music lovers as well as piano players.

As the years roll by I've collected some really great memories.  I've also developed some "tricks of the trade" that have worked for me.

Here are a few to pass along - the ideas can be used for other areas of learning as well.

1)  If you wouldn't enjoy doing it during the week, your student sure won't.  Find something that will hold their attention for their assignment.

2)  It doesn't have to be performed perfectly.  Sometimes "good enough" is just right.

3)  There are hidden gems inside each of us.  Spend the time to help the student find it and develop it.  You'll never regret it!

4)  Skipping ahead is often the best path in learning.  I've learned to follow my students' passions.  Some like Church music, some like Jazz and some like Disney.  Go with it - they're developing their skills and you look really great in their eyes!

5)  After studying various series of learning (John Thompson, Piano Adventures, Alfred's, etc.), there's no perfect time to teach certain aspects.  So let the student learn what they're interested in.  There have been plenty of times we've skipped sections of a book because a student wanted to learn a certain song.  It's okay - learning is learning & there isn't a perfect time to figure out sharps, flats, etc.

6)  Use today's technology - I've had great success with online lessons (Skype, Oovoo, FaceTime, etc.).  Give it a whirl - it may work for you also.

7)  It's not just about teaching piano.  Sometimes you're the "Aunt", "Gramma", "Ear" they need - listen to their hearts and their words.  As a teacher we have a lot to offer.  Be there for your student.  It's worth the time!

I'm sure there's more I can say but I'll leave it here for today.  I'm a teacher - I teach.  If someone has a question, I help them figure it out.  It just comes natural.  If I can help you, please contact me.

Thanks for visiting ~ Reia


Ginger said...

You are such a wonderful teacher. I have seen first hand how you become everyone's mom. Lucky for them, I don't mind sharing.

reiadm said...

Thank you, Ginger! You are a wonderful teacher also - you pour your heart out and love on everyone in your path! I don't mind sharing my little girl with the world either. Your sense of humor has kept me laughing for many a year now.

Can't wait to see what else you'll write about on your blog -

Love you!