Tuesday, May 10, 2016

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I Remember it Well...

School, Homework, Church...Girl Scouts, Band, Soccer...
Boys, Hair, Makeup...Laughter, Tears, Prayers...
Christmas, Birthdays, Vacations...
I cherished each moment (successes & frustrations).

The years go by SO fast!

You may feel like you'll never be out of the
"Homework - Wash Your Face - You Did What???", etc. phase
... but you will.

They do grow up - honest!

When they do, you can join me on FaceBook waiting for a glimpse of their day
or a picture of your independent "Mini You".

I'll understand when you say..."I Remember it Well..."

Thanks for visiting ~ Reia

You can join my youngest as she writes about the "Bored Again Life" - one book, one experience, one day at a time.

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