Saturday, April 12, 2014

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The Songs of My Life ~ God Bless the Broken Road

There are several people I care deeply about going through a patch of "unknowns" right now.  They trust God, they pray, they follow the Bible's teachings.  I know that all will turn out "just right" for them but it's an unknown and unknowns can be stressful.  I've experienced more unknowns than I ever wanted to experience.  I've always found a Bible verse or quote to hang on to.

After my divorce, I moved my girls, my mother & myself to a new state - no job, no home, just knew it was the right place to go.  The Scripture I held on to was Abraham traveling to a place God would show him.  (Gen. 12:1, Heb. 11:8).  I'd done my homework - I knew we could survive there - maybe even be successful.

I met my husband (of 20 years now) in this new place.  I had no idea exactly how it would turn out but knew we needed to go there.  I wouldn't give anything for our time spent in Nashville, TN!

I discovered Rascal Flatts' song "God Bless the Broken Road".  It summed up so many things in my life.

My journal entry for this song was..."The broken dreams, the pain, the disillusionment strengthened the person I was and made me so thankful for my present and

For those of you going through a time of "unknowns" - it may not seem like it now, but...if you take a step at a time and do your best with each step - you'll look back at this "Broken Road" and know that it made you a stronger and better person.

I often think of the "you" in this song as the "you" I am now - the "you" I'm becoming.  "God Bless the Broken Road" that led me straight to "you".

I've had many more challenges - some tougher than others.  My "Broken Road" is still being traveled and I'm becoming a more compassionate, loving and prayerful person.

May your "Broken Road" become a path that leads to a stronger, braver "you".  A "you" that is more compassionate and more empathetic with others' struggles.

Still putting one foot in front of the other...Thanks for visiting ~ Reia

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