Thursday, May 2, 2013

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A Day at the Beach ~ Virtually

Lately I've been "itching" for the beach.  I grew up in Central Florida and we spent time on the West Coast or the East Coast but we always spent time at the "Beach".  Florida beaches are something else.  White sand for miles.

Now that I'm back in the Deep South and near beaches, I find myself wanting to see and hear ocean waves. 

My life is full of wonderful things but time to drive to the beach and sit just isn't one of them.  So...I found an alternative on Amazon Instant Video and I'm very happy!

I have my beach view, my beach sounds and I'm still at home - no bathing suit, no gas to pay for the trip - now this is living!

So if you have a need to see and hear ocean waves crashing, feel free to watch "Ventana On The Beach" with me!

Thanks for visiting ~ Reia

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