Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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Fish! Sticks ~ Make Change Stick

In my search for help as I "Change" the status quo with the three services and choirs I'm working with now, I discovered this "gem" of a book.

It's an easy read and I've learned a lot in a subtle, fiction-reading kind of way.  The main things I'm taking away from this book are:

1 - "Attrition is a fact of life, but turnover is preventable."

2 - "Find IT (our IT = personalizing the vision/goal), Live IT, Coach IT"

3 - My favorite part - these thought provoking questions...

  • In your day - when do you know that you're living your vision/goal?
  • What is the experience you're trying to create for your _______/customer/self/choir member?
  • How do you personalize your vision/goal?
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