Saturday, November 19, 2016

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Motherhood ~ Generation Differences - Great Question!

My daughter just asked some interesting questions.  "I'm reading a book that mentions how different motherhood is now vs our mothers and grandmothers.  How do you think it is different?  Is it easier or harder?  Why?"

I could probably go on with more but these are my answers to her questions.

It really is a thought-provoking question, Ginger.  I think an in-depth answer would produce several pages - from me at least.  So here are some bullets - from my side of the fence and my humble opinion.

1) My mother was expected to dress, behave & model particular patterns.  Think "Pleasantville" the B/W part.  She went against the norm some by working with my father in their own business.

a) While we may say "ugh" about working now - it really wasn't expected or accepted in my mother's era as easily as it is now.  I had aunts that were teachers - the one career that was accepted a little easier.

2) My mother was put to sleep for my delivery and when she woke up - I was there all pretty and clean.  Daddy had to wait outside in the waiting room - no clue of what was going on.  When one of my sisters was born, she said she never wanted to see Daddy again so I'm thinking labor hasn't changed for the 3 generations we're involved with.

3) My parents made sure we were in church. Dressed nice, learning our Bible verses, singing hymns and songs like "Only a boy named David, only a little sling..."

a) I made sure you were in church also - learning Bible verses, etc.  We had audio tapes and VHS to help.

4) We had encyclopedias (old school internet) and they were fascinating to me.   Thankfully all 3 generations continue to do the same thing in that we read, went to the library and traveled through time & space with the magic of words from our reading.

5) Television for me was ABC, NBC & CBS. NBC & CBS were out of Tampa.   If you wanted ABC, you had to go outside & turn the antenna from Tampa to Orlando.  Daddy eventually added an electric gadget that would turn the antenna from inside.

a) You grew up with Cable and now children expect TV to come from a cell phone or tablet.  Not bad just incredibly different.

That's probably more than she wanted but it's what comes to mind at this moment.  I'm proud of the woman she's become & I cherish the child that she was.

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