Friday, June 5, 2015

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Dreams do come true!

I spent a lot of my childhood dreaming of being the "wife" of a church Music Director.  Never once did I consider that I could be the "Music Director".

Well -  today I am the Music Director at our local Catholic Church.
Yes, I pinch myself every day!

Listen to Angels We Have Heard On High (sung by the Joint Choir of St. Stephen First Martyr Catholic Church).

Dream big!  Live your life expecting the best!  It does happen.
What dream do you have that is bigger than you are right now?

Thanks for visiting ~ Reia

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Chris Gallob said...

YOU are a blessing. Thank you for sharing all of your talents with us. I know that you truely love what you do, and it really shows. I know that my entire family are greatful for your gift every Sunday, and the kids are learning from the best. May God bless you and your family, and thank you again.