Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Reflections Today on ~ Yesterday and Tomorrow

Today I sat at a light and watched as mothers picked up their children after a full day of school.  Backpacks, pigtails and the papers that were completed that day.  I watched as mothers asked questions and children answered.

I saw myself in them and remembered the time in my past when I was that mother and I scurried along with my daughters after school.  I, too, was eager to share their day and to make sure they were safe, healthy and hopefully happy.

I loved being in their classrooms, being "Room Mother" and sharing their school life.
(Traci is seated with the side ponytail at my left arm.)

I spend a lot of my time now looking from the inside out and wondering how my remaining time on this Earth should be spent.  What contribution can I make?  What contribution do I make?  How can I be an active part in my now grown daughters' lives and the lives of their children?  How do I make each precious moment count for something good?

I don't have answers yet - just the questions.

I DO know that I've been blessed.  I have a huge stash of memories made from seemingly mundane and yet important activities like I watched today.


The backpacks no longer line the hall, there are no school papers to admire or sign but there are butterflies that fly in my heart when I remember back to that time in my life and I know that the future will be good - whatever it ends up being.

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Katie Reed said...

My boys are still too little to go to school, so I know I still have all of this to come. But reading this brings up an imagined future that I hope I am lucky enough to experience - where I have raised my children, seen them through their education and sent them off into the world knowing I've done my best by them and will always be there for them.

reiadm said...

You're exactly right, Katie! When I look back, I know I gave it my best at every step. I know you are too with those precious boys!

DW in RI :) said...

Recently I heard a friend say, "Don't just hear about the details, be part of the details!" Its a good reminder to play legos, have tea parties, swing on the swings with them because soon enough the details will be moving them into a dorm, or dancing with them at their wedding. I can honestly say, time flies when you're having fun!

reiadm said...

DW in RI - your friend was right. Whoosh & it's gone. Now my girls are exploring with their children the way I did with them. We had a good time together.

I am enjoying having my grandchildren (on the brief trips I make at this stage) share their world with me. It makes for a super special time. :-)

Ginger Walls said...

I love this post mom! Thanks for being so amazing, then and now! Love you!

reiadm said...

Ginger from www.literallyinspired.com (aka my youngest) - you have always been a blessing and I'm so thankful I was able to do all of the every day things in your life. Love you right back! Mom